Top Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2024

2024 promises plenty of design options for both large-scale renovation projects and smaller makeovers alike, from folk florals to curved furniture – here are what experts think will be big trends in interior decoration this year.

Browns, according to Carol Miller of York Wallcoverings, are becoming increasingly popular as an accent color. According to Miller, they pair perfectly with trends such as dark academia and biophilic design, according to recent trends like biophilic design.

1. Illustrated Tiles

Illustrated tiles add character and charm to interior spaces with their fun yet playful take on the ever-popular tile trend. Ranging from vines, fruits, flowers to boats, animals and people motifs – illustrated tiles add an air of personality and playful spirit into any home!

Corduroy has made a comeback, reintroducing its soft texture and tactile allure that are so beloved in retro living spaces. Perfect for sofas, pillows, and many design styles – corduroy fabric adds comfort and coziness into modern living rooms!

Designers are increasingly turning away from straight lines in furniture and decor design in favor of more organic shapes and rounded designs, reflecting an increase in desire for functional yet comfortable home furnishings. Curved sofas provide cozy spots to relax or work from home while still maintaining clean lines in open-plan living rooms, while lights like the Sand Stable Amalia 1 from Wayfair add an earthy ambience that draws the eye upwards and add a distinctive earthiness.

2. New Romantics

Classic fabrics like velvets and floral prints have experienced a comeback, lending classic materials a contemporary edge. Used to reupholster old furniture or embellish decorative pillows, heritage materials like velvets seamlessly fuse traditional with modern designs.

Designers have taken notice of this trend and are moving away from straight lines and towards curvier designs in furniture and decor elements. Look out for rounded sofas, flowing patterns and sculptural designs to add visual interest and personality to your home.

From patterned wallpaper to textured paints, this trend adds depth and texture to walls. Warmer neutral hues like yellow-orange undertones in blue shades or red-undertones in warm reds will also work to give walls depth.

Decorating Trend: Gallery Walls! A gallery wall can be an engaging way to display your unique decorating style, collections from travels or family memories in an impactful way. An expansive gallery wall allows you to tell an engaging narrative visually.

3. Sustainable Living

As homeowners become more eco-conscious, they will adopt an interior design trend known as sustainable minimalism. This style combines aesthetic simplicity and environmental responsibility – encouraging residents to reuse, recycle and prioritise durable furniture pieces as part of a sustainable lifestyle.

As an antidote to minimalism, more homeowners will incorporate antique and vintage finds into their designs this year. From secondhand shopping for furniture and decorative hardware, to using antique finishes with ornate details such as fluting and reed on furnishings – this trend promotes personalization and character in designs.

Shea McGee, co-founder of Studio McGee interior design studio, suggests adding statement stoneware pieces throughout your home for an opulent and timeless aesthetic. Look for natural hues such as pale pinks, soft yellows and cozy browns; pair these hues with accents such as terracotta brick red or burnished bronze to give an additional richness and warmth in every room of your house – expect bold accents used as wall treatments, flooring solutions or fireplace surrounds even on ceilings!

4. Smart Homes

After an impressive year of folk florals, Barbiecore and coastal decor, 2024 interior design trends will step away from tradition to celebrate self-expression and individualism. Large gallery walls and bold furniture pieces allow individuals to show off their distinct taste while telling a narrative through interior design.

As our desire for nature-inspired connection increases, 2024 will witness a return to earthy or natural tones like tan, terracotta and brick red shades as popular accent wall or kitchen paint colors.

2024 will see an upsurge in curved sofas, chairs and coffee tables; long gone are the days of unadorned furniture without personality. Curved shapes bring comforting curves into living spaces that embrace our bodies’ natural curves and promote relaxation. Another calming trend is trompe l’oeil (‘deceive the eye”) art technique used on walls to create depth and dimension which both visually enthrall and delightfully surprise touch sensors – it creates both visual depth as well as tactile delight!

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