How to Use Tile and Mirrors to Enhance Your Bathroom Design

Bathroom remodels can be the most complicated rooms to renovate. From changing layouts and moving a waste stack or load-bearing wall, to costly projects requiring professional skills – bathroom renovation can be daunting task indeed!

An accurate design from the start can save money and time in expensive changes later. Consult a qualified bath specialist prior to beginning this project.


Tile is one of the most flexible and cost-effective materials to work with in a bathroom design, featuring an abundance of styles, shapes and colors that can create timeless and trendy looks to complement any aesthetic.

Tiles provide endless design possibilities while remaining easy to maintain in bathrooms, unlike other materials like laminates which absorb moisture and may eventually cause mold and mildew growth.

With so many tile designs to choose from, it can be easy for bathrooms to become visually chaotic. Aiming for no more than three styles should ensure that each aspect of your bathroom has an orderly and uncluttered aesthetic; perhaps having different tiles on different areas like shower walls and flooring or creating mosaic patterns as a form of bathroom wallpaper would work.


Mirrors provide an ideal way to add visual interest and can create the illusion that bathrooms are larger by reflecting light back into them. Plus they make for great places to display decorative items like flower pots, fragrance trays or picture frames!

Framed mirrors tend to fit more traditional bathroom styles, while frameless options provide a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Additionally, the size and style of the frame can have an enormous effect; ornate frames add extra flair while simple options create an unassuming minimalist aesthetic.

Be bold when selecting the shape of your mirror! A creative shape can stand out against an accent wall while still fitting seamlessly above a double sink vanity. Add rustic charm with wood borders or embellish it further by installing elaborate crowns. Mirror lights or scones can add an eye-catching modern flair while helping protect against condensation and mold in your space.


Lighting is of utmost importance when designing a bathroom, particularly in tasks-intensive areas such as vanity. Selecting suitable fixtures early can have a dramatic impact on its final appearance and feel.

Vanity lights are an effective way to add bright illumination, but there are other lighting solutions that may add dramatic flair. Light bars, semi flush mounts and recessed fixtures are all capable of making an impressive statement in your bathroom design.

Wall lights are making a comeback, but don’t use them as the main source of illumination for your room. Instead, treat them like decorative pieces to hang like art on the wall.

Neutral colors remain popular choices when designing bathrooms, featuring shades such as beige, white and terracotta with subtle touches of moss green or pink reminiscent of nature. Layer in warm-tone metals for a striking design that’s both classic and current.


Simple bathrooms can benefit from clever storage solutions. Install a shelf next to the sink so often used items, like towels and toilet paper can be within easy reach – slim cabinets or open shelving work well for this task – add decorative baskets for additional rolls of toilet paper or candles for an updated look and keep things tidy and organized!

Store rarely-used items such as backstock shampoo and body wash in an easily accessible place such as near your shower or bath, loofahs and bubble bath in a recessed niche, glass and metal bins for organizing shelves, cotton balls sponges and lip balm.

If built-in cabinets aren’t an option, repurposing an armoire or other piece of furniture as bathroom storage that makes a statement can be just as effective. Take this sleek cabinet from 2LG Studio as an example; its traditional form takes on more contemporary vibe when wall-mounted with floral prints and modern aubergine stool accents.

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