How to Elevate a Bedroom Design

Bedrooms are personal spaces designed for your own use, offering the chance to indulge in more luxurious design than other areas of your home. Hang a playful wallpaper pattern, buy hotel-worthy bedding and add eye-catching light fixtures that create an exceptional ambience in this special space.

Submit interior photos of your existing bedroom as well as a simple diagram showing how you envision changing its layout to help us better understand what changes need to be made.


Layout decisions for bedrooms should be one of your first considerations when creating or updating existing spaces, and will have a great deal of effect on how the space functions, looks and feels.

Keep these key factors in mind when creating your content:

1. Consider Room Circulation

It is essential that your layout allows for ease of circulation throughout the space, enabling easy movement from closet to door without obstruction from windows, fireplaces or doors. Furthermore, mapping practical elements like electrical plugs, heating vents and ceiling fixtures using EdrawMax (an interior design program with templates and furniture blocks based on standard sizes).


Lighting adds personality and charm to bedroom designs. Lighting fixtures can work to complement or contrast with various furniture styles or other features like plants or art pieces for an engaging design that truly stands out.

If you prefer adding a splash of gold into other areas of your home, why not incorporate that hue in the bedroom too? Decorator showrooms, home improvement stores and thrift shops all stock unique lighting pieces to bring your design vision to life.

Layering lighting fixtures is key, including recessed lights, flush mounts, table lamps, floor lamps and sconces. By having all these sources of illumination in one space at once – including task, ambient and accent illumination – rooms will be optimally lit for their intended purposes.


Your bedroom bed should be the centerpiece of its design, so carefully considered bed ideas can have a dramatic impact on its layout and overall design. Wooden beds suit rustic or minimalist decor styles while upholstered bed frames add luxury and contemporary touches. Space-saving beds with underbed storage options can also help make an impactful statement about you and your room’s design aesthetic.

No matter if it’s for yourself or as a gift for others, your bedroom design should provide an inviting retreat. From neutral whites and grays to soothing blues and playful pinks – paint colors such as these will help set the atmosphere. Additionally, wallpaper and artwork can quickly create a cohesive theme throughout.


Bedrooms should not only serve as places for sleeping but should also offer an atmosphere of peace and retreat. To achieve this, use bold color combinations, whimsical wallpaper designs, and hotel-quality linens in the space to set the appropriate atmosphere.

If your bedroom feels boxy, add a comfortable upholstered chair in one corner and set a floor lamp nearby for reading and relaxation. If space allows, adding a bench can help declutter and expand the feel of the space.

When purchasing bedroom furniture, remember that less is more; two nightstands may suffice instead of three dressers. Furthermore, Century Furniture’s customizable program enables you to find bed frames tailored exactly to your space by providing options in upholstery, finishes, and embellishments that work for your space.


No matter the style of bedroom you prefer, incorporating decorative items can add flair and life into the space. Choose framed prints, mirrors, tapestries, vases or oversized artwork for the bedside for some added character and excitement.

Decorating light fixtures are another effective way to set your room apart. Try searching for polished chrome floor lamps with sleek designs or animal-figure sconces. Also take note of smart tech that helps ensure a blissful sleep–such as Philips wake-up lights that gently simulate sunrise, or Lutron Caseta dimmers that work on timers for maximum restfulness so you wake up feeling rested and ready to face each new day!

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