Top 5 Bathroom Essentials For Spring

Decorating a bathroom might not be glamorous, but there are still ways to give it personality and add color. Shower curtains, bath mats and towels add style while storage baskets provide convenient spots for towels and toilet paper rolls.

Don’t forget a no-touch soap dispenser, which helps reduce germs and soapy messes, or a clothes hamper to store dirty laundry out of sight and mind.


Add some stylish new accessories from Target to give your bathroom a makeover, with easy-to-use pieces like soap dispensers, shower caddies, waste baskets and toilet brushes making a dramatic change to any space in seconds. Choose from soap dispensers, shower caddies, waste baskets, counter organization canisters and toilet brushes in different materials and colors so it’s easy to find pieces that suit any decor – you could even purchase coordinated sets to instantly create an instantly coordinated look for any space!

Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia is offering 25% off its best-selling selection of furniture and rugs that make an ideal spring upgrade, from minimal and sleek styles to boho and vintage options – from minimalist bath mats with classic check patterns or soft cotton bath rugs, plush Moroccan-inspired geometric runner rugs or ultra plush cotton bath mats with ultra soft touch cotton material for ultra soft touches – for one last day only.

Lulu and Georgia is an online shop designed to give personal yet practical decor inspiration. Established by Sara Sugarman and named after her family (Lou and Georgia), this retailer feels more like an intimate shopping experience with an eye towards creating cohesive looks in spaces of all kinds. Their scaled-down yet substantial selection makes discovering new products easy; plus you can shop by room–for instance seventeen entryway design footprints provide more focused shopping.


Lush is like the fresh-squeezed orange juice of bath products: their soap bars, shampoos and shower jellies use only high-grade organic ingredients – as much as possible – and often vegetarian and vegan friendly too. Their iconic Intergalactic Bath Bomb transforms water into a trippy milky way of blues, purples and pinks using plastic-free glitter made by Lush themselves (this brand invented bath bombs!). Plus they invented them themselves, so there’s little risk in getting things wrong when making one (since Lush invented them so much of their products are good).

The company encourages creativity with an on-site kitchen that produces experimental and limited edition products. Customers can even tune into a livestream to watch our inventors at work!

This brand prides itself on transparency – every signature black pot has an ink stamp with the name and face of its maker, while stores don’t stock products that are over four or five months old. Additionally, they aim to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible while making donations to charity; each handmade and vegan product supports cruelty-free research, awareness campaigns and lobbying efforts using profits made from sales of these pots.

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