Buying a Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets can help make morning routines run more efficiently by providing you with a secure place to keep extra soap, shampoo, towels, and washcloths. When selecting the best cabinet for you, take into account both its storage needs and aesthetic requirements.

Beadboard cabinetry features wooden slats with spaces between each one for a decorative aesthetic that complements farmhouse styles well.


Bathroom cabinets can be an invaluable organizational tool in any space, enabling you to store products like cleaning supplies, toiletries and towels while freeing up counter space. To maximize storage capacity available to you, sort items based on frequency of use so the products that are frequently needed are within easy reach, while lower shelves provide space for heavier tools or extra stock.

Use decorative trays to contain items that might otherwise spread and create clutter on open cabinet shelves in smaller spaces. Be sure that everyone in the household knows where each item can be found for optimal organization; labelling can further ease this task.

Always keep cabinets well maintained to prevent moisture build-up and damage, so be sure to wipe down their surfaces regularly using mild, nonabrasive cleaners in order to keep them looking their best.


Bathroom cabinet storage should make items such as hair products, shaving tools and extra toilet paper easy to reach. Instead of leaving these supplies cluttered on counters, designate one shelf specifically for them; take the rolls out from their packaging if necessary to keep them accessible; use bamboo dividers in drawers to sort bobby pins and metal nail tools neatly; corral frequently used items in an attractive tabletop tray to save space and avoid cabinets looking disorganized.

Painting bathroom cabinets is an easy DIY project that will improve their functionality while elevating the aesthetics of any room. Before beginning, however, take note of door swing and traffic flow within the room and aim for uniformity of color and finish; using primer and multiple coats of paint are keys to this. Choosing water-resistant materials like MDF or plywood will prevent stains or peeling over time.


Cabinets can play an essential role in keeping your bathroom organized, helping you get ready quickly for each day or wind down at night. Their design also plays a significant role in shaping the look and feel of your space.

Make the most out of your cabinets by taking careful measurements and assessments of your space prior to purchasing any. Also take into consideration any obstacles such as plumbing lines, walls or doorways which might need to be navigated in order to place (freestanding) or fit (wall mounted) your cabinets correctly.

Make hard-to-reach cabinet spaces more accessible by stocking them with attractive organizers and dividers, like spinning turntables for corralling bath products and keeping them easily visible, or baskets such as Better Homes & Gardens Round Seagrass Baskets from Walmart (set of 2, $43) for stashing larger supplies like toilet paper rolls or towels.


Your bathroom cabinet’s material of construction will have a profound impact on its functionality. Given that bathrooms tend to be steamy and humid environments, you want to ensure it is made from something durable such as solid wood, plywood or MDF – popular choices being solid wood plywood or MDF.

Solid wood cabinets are an increasingly popular choice due to their timeless appeal. Unfortunately, however, if not sealed and lacquered correctly they can become vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage and even decay over time.

Plywood bathroom cabinets can also make an attractive option, provided you choose high-density plywood for its basic framework to help avoid warping over time. For budget-minded shoppers looking for something less costly but still stylish and water resistant, MDF might be more suitable. Made of wood fibers bonded together using resin or wax and covered with an attractive veneer finish for style, MDF offers lightweight yet water resistance features in one lightweight package.

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