The Best Living Room Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to circulate air and improve indoor air quality in your home. Not only that, but they also keep things cool while adding a stylish touch that complements any decor.

When selecting a fan for your room, there are several factors to consider such as the size of the space, desired airflow and where installation will take place.

Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

The Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan is the ideal choice for those seeking a top-of-the-line living room ceiling fan that’s also smart. This model boasts an integrated LED light that’s dimmable, an easy universal mount and sleek profile design.

SenseMe Technology’s motion, temperature and humidity sensors monitor your living space automatically at the touch of a button to keep it comfortable and energy efficient.

This outdoor model is built to last, featuring aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils that never droop, virtually silent IP-rated motors, corrosion-resistant finishes and stainless steel ball bearings. Tested in Big Ass Fans’ Research and Development Lab to withstand wind, rain and other harsh elements.

Minka Aire Contractor Plus

The Minka Aire Contractor Plus ceiling fan is the ideal solution for large projects requiring Energy Star certification that require a budget-friendly option. Its classic styling with updated stronger blade holders makes it suitable for any decor style.

The Contractor Plus fan not only functions properly, but it also features an energy efficient 17 Watt dimmable LED light. This clever design utilizes cutting-edge technology to save you money on energy bills. Plus, its quality of light is impressive too: smooth continuous dimming system creates one of the coolest-looking lighting products we’ve ever seen. Most importantly, however, is that this lighting doesn’t cause your home to overheat like incandescent bulbs do.

Hunter Low-Profile

A Hunter Low-Profile fan is the ideal solution for rooms with low ceilings. Its blades hug the ceiling instead of hanging down, making it perfect in spaces with limited clearance or small walls to hang a light fixture.

This fan features a 3-speed WhisperWind motor for powerful air movement at whisper-quiet levels. Plus, its remote control lets you easily adjust the fan’s speed and lighting from home.

This fan comes in a range of finishes and includes reversible fan blades for an eye-catching aesthetic. Plus, its lights are dimmable and last longer than standard bulbs.

Honeywell Carmel

The Honeywell Carmel brings together classic pewter style with modern technology in a stylish package. Its 3 speed reversible motor provides optimal cooling in summer and warmth in winter without overheating your room. Furthermore, this gadget includes features like a light dimmer, remote control with Bluetooth capability and an unusually long lead wire compared to most ceiling fans.

If you’re searching for modern style that will last a lifetime, the Honeywell Carmel ceiling fan is your perfect fit. Not only does it add an eye-catching element to any living room decor, but its reversible motor allows for viewing while watching television shows! Check it out now!

Minka Aire Maverick

The Maverick is an ideal choice for large rooms due to its sleek modern silhouette, DC motor and energy-saving capabilities. With a softly rounded blade design that creates a distinct profile and incredible airflow in living rooms, great rooms or outdoor covered areas, you’ll find this fan ideal.

Maverick also features a handheld remote with six speeds. Available in various fan blade finishes, you’re sure to find the ideal match for your home.

The Minka Aire Maverick is one of the most environmentally friendly ceiling fans available, thanks to its remarkably low energy use (27 watts) and high CFM per watt efficiency at high speed. You could save $5 in energy costs annually with this fan – a major win for anyone wanting to reduce their impact on the environment.

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