Outdoor Oasis: Designing a Relaxing Garden Retreat with Furniture

Turn your backyard into an inviting and relaxing retreat by adding just a few key components. While many projects can be completed by yourself, electrical work or machine operation should always be left to professional service providers in order to reduce safety hazards.

Add the soothing sound of running water with plants that bloom throughout the year for an oasis filled with fragrance and color.

Comfortable Seating

An inviting seating area is key to creating the ideal garden oasis. Look for weatherproof chairs and sofas made of durable materials so your oasis stays looking its best for many years to come.

A gazebo can create an idyllic environment in your backyard, but its high cost may make other options such as pergola more cost-effective.

Add plants and herbs to your patio as a simple way to personalize your backyard retreat. Not only will it add decorative and aesthetic value, but strategically placed plants can help provide privacy from nearby neighbors as well as act as noise buffers. Make sure that climate-appropriate varieties are chosen.

Plants and Herbs

Integrating plants and herbs into your backyard retreat is an easy way to bring it to life. Plants like lavender, rosemary and sage offer soothing scents that can elevate mood while soothing minds.

Plants and flowers add natural texture to any room, while herbs such as mint, lemon balm and catnip can help repel pesky bugs from ruining your relaxing garden retreat. These three herbs have proven particularly successful at deterring mosquitoes.

Luckett created her peaceful retreat using an animal-print rug from Unique Loom, soft cane swivel chairs from Woodbridge and coral rattan wingbacks from Kenian. Additionally, she added an outdoor bar cart featuring acrylic drinkware to bridge indoor and outdoor spaces and create a hygge-inspired space perfect for hosting friends and family members for meals or ghost tales around a firepit.

Water Features

Water sounds can help calm our minds, so including them in your backyard oasis is key to creating an calming space to unwind in. A pond or waterfall are also excellent ways to do just this.

For your backyard to feel like a retreat, try limiting seating options and offering lots of shade. Rugs can help organize activity areas – as seen here from Cathie Hong Interiors.

Don’t forget to include outdoor lighting that illuminates spaces after sunset, such as porch lights that provide access to your backyard, dimmable lamps for dining or conversation and task lighting over grills or work zones in your yard.

Outdoor Kitchens

To fully relax and appreciate your garden, it’s essential that it feels livable. This could mean installing a backyard kitchen where you can prepare meals and entertain guests; or perhaps simply gathering around a cozy fire pit with friends and family to take in the last of spring’s warm weather or take advantage of autumn’s cool nights.

If you need extra counter space for food prep, a dining table or bar cart could serve the purpose. Or add an outdoor kitchen to your landscape design featuring stainless steel appliances and stone work surfaces; be sure to include wine coolers, kegerators and glassware storage as part of the design if your entertaining requirements include wine tasting. A pergola roof covering will keep it protected from weather elements while prolonging its useful lifespan.


Develop a backyard oasis that’s enjoyable at any hour with proper lighting. Task and ambient lights should illuminate dining and kitchen spaces while setting the desired atmosphere.

Sound can add another element of peace and serenity to any garden, whether through running water, trickling waterfalls, or the sound of fountains or ponds – and their soothing sounds don’t even need to be large for their effect! A small fountain or peaceful pond may do just as much for creating that sense of serenity in your space.

Are you ready to turn your yard into an idyllic garden retreat that meets all of your needs? Get in touch with First Impressions Yorkshire immediately – their experts can help create the perfect secluded outdoor living space that’s ideal for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends alike.

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