Cladding Bathroom – Design Inspiration

If you are looking for some design inspiration for a cladding bathroom, you may want to consider wood. Wood adds texture and warmth to a room, so it’s a good choice for cladding the walls and base of the basin or shower. This material also goes well against neutral slate grey flooring. Wooden tiles can also be used to clad the walls of your bathroom. These types of tiles are also moisture-resistant, making them a good choice for bathrooms with steam and water.

Before PVC panels came along, wooden cladding was often used in bathrooms. However, it was susceptible to moisture and splashes from baths, and required a lot of maintenance to keep it looking pristine. Wood was also more common on the ceiling of a bathroom, but has fallen out of favour in favour of modern options. To add visual impact to your bathroom, consider a cladding design that combines practicality and style.

When cladding a bathroom, choose a colour that is suitable for the environment. Darker shades will help keep the room light, but make small rooms feel cramped. Ensure you choose panels from the same manufacturer and range, as not all of them will fit together. Remember that waterproof joins are crucial in bathrooms, and you can even add niches to hollow walls, if required. It’s worth looking for a high-quality silicone sealant for your bathroom’s cladding.

While many materials are water-resistant and easy to clean, you may want to think about how much maintenance the chosen coating is going to require. Some materials do not like cleaning chemicals or have to be waterproofed, while others may be too slippery for your washroom. Consider the durability, installation, and maintenance requirements of the material before purchasing it. While white tiles are a classic choice for a bathroom, it is also possible to find alternative bathroom cladding materials. Marble is still an elegant choice and has been associated with wealth and power since ancient times. Marble countertops have been a constant presence in kitchens and bathrooms for thousands of years.

For a modern, minimalist bathroom, consider cladding the walls and ceiling with panels. These panels are easy to install and can be fitted from floor to ceiling. They will provide a waterproof barrier and match the rest of the room’s decor. Unlike tiles, they won’t discolour, and you won’t have to worry about grout and mould issues. Even if you decide to use tiles, be sure to purchase them from a trusted company that offers comprehensive instructions.

The most popular cladding materials are made of PVC precision extruded wall panels. These panels come in either wide plank-like lengths or narrow plank-like boards. They are easy to install and have a tongue and groove edge. Many people use them for their bathrooms, and they’re an affordable and maintenance-free option that will look great. These materials are also waterproof and easy to clean. These panels are also much easier to handle than traditional tiles.

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