Retro Recipes

Plenty more to come here. Including better organization!

Baloney Rarebit
Tijuana Hash (not what you are thinking!)
Alfred Hitchcock's Quiche

Camp Soup

Jell-O Birthday Surprise (it's cake-free!)
Irish Moss Jelly

Alice B. Toklas and Liberation Through Fruitcake (from the Doubletake originally, but it belongs here too)
The Golden Brownie Ratio
Baked Alaska Pie
Rawleigh's Coconut Cream Pie
Silverwood Spice Pie

Short Notice Salad  (go to the big-version link for the recipe)
Poison Salad (no, I am not kidding, it was in an old cookbook and I scanned it)
Krunchy Goo (from the same treasured cookbook as the Poison Salad)
Melonhash (It's a salad, involving corned beef. And melon. And...well, other things.)

A Tale of Two Egg Nogs
The Monkey Gland
The Whiz-Bang